Danny Neifert was born on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah where she spent a large part of her childhood. True to being a former white water river guide she believes that life is an endless changing river of adventure and the best way to understand something is to jump in and get dirty. She has immersed herself within several communities over the years including The Society of Friends (Quakers), the Right Use of Will movement, a Gurdjieff commune as well as studying with Michaela Boehm since 2008 until present. Danny is a holistic solo entrepreneur (SkinHarmonics.com) and mother of two grown children, ages 32 and 29. She has extensive experience in sustainable home building, elder care, gardening, nutrition, death & grief, yoga, eating chocolate, bubble baths and off grid living. Danny divides her time between Santa Barbara, CA and Boulder, Colorado.

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