Evelyn Alfago; is a Vinyasa, Fusion, Hatha and Yin Practice Instructor certified by Vimana House and Yoga Alliance, and also a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, a Master's Core System and Advance method Instructor certified by Tony Sanchez currently the last disciple of Gosh's lineage from Kolkata India.

Evelyn was born and raised in Ecuador where she got a degree in Industrial Engineering, plus a bachelor's in Business Administration and later here in the US a Minor in Physics and a Merchant Mariner Licence (Captain's License).

In her youth, she was a competitive runner and also have been involved in extreme sports as such as surfing, sailing, and lung diving as hobbies but then was exposed to an almost fatal accident where she literally died three times and ended up with several broken bones and organs. Her recovery was a hard path but it was then when yoga came into her life and it changed things drastically. Within a few years, she did not only recover her body but dove into a very complex and intricate journey that connects all beings (like radio transmitters and receivers) to the main elegant and perfect energy source. In her words "Everything surrounding us provides the ultimate elixir of life in its multidimensional expression of reaching truth, and therefore health and happiness; we are constantly surfing the waves of knowledge and realization and happiness and fortune are always near and palpable."

Today Evelyn lives in Santa Barbara, California and teaches part-time in different places/studios. And her other part-time job is as a Marine Vessel Captain. For fun and life, she loves surfing, running and bonding with her dog Bella and friends. She plays guitar and also writes poems. Evelyn likes nature, trees, birds, bees… and of course, drinking great beer at the end of a well worked day!

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