Everything is revealed in the betwixt of the movement and the stillness. Everything there is to understand about life and existence is stored in the body. The physical aspect is just scratching the surface, whereas the emotional work is a pathway to realization. The real yoga, which is the merging of different aspects reality, begins with the struggle and the realization that the work is an arduous enterprise that eventually leads to an immense and infinite offspring of knowledge. And it is that knowledge that unlocks the gate towards fulfillment, purpose, and utter joy.

Even though my work with people starts with asana practice, I purposely include emotional work within the poses to show with extreme clarity what virtues or what vices and iniquities the person has. Truth is pointed out boldly not to judge, but to reassess, shift or change. Evolution is not a random process.

Evolution happens by selecting specific aspects of life based on intrinsic goals to become an unreservedly better being. It requires a high level of intelligence and awareness. This is the place I teach from. I am not here to make anyone feel better, but to point out the reality as is, and make the person entirely responsible for the path they chose and therefore the outcome they receive. Happiness, health, vigor, sadness or limitations are a choice. Our bodies are intelligent and perfect enough to provide us the tools to carve our own destiny; whether is fortune and purpose, or the opposite.

I am certified in Vinyasa, Fusion, Hatha and Yin Practice by Vimana House and White Horse Yoga and also certified by Bikram Choudhury in Hatha and by Tony Sanchez in Master's Core System and Bishnu Gosh’s 84 advance asana practice.

My focus or specialty is Fusion Yoga which is a foundational, therapeutic class for all levels that includes traditional Hatha Yoga, Core, Flow, and dynamic movement with breath. Fusion Yoga combines several styles of yoga including Bikram, Forrest, Para, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga, and prepares you for all styles of practice.

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